DIA Europe B.V.

DIA Europe B.V. is a specialized company, fully commited to build solutions for Fraud detection at payments.

Within Payments there is a growing crime related to fraud, both on the electronic payments as on the paper payments (giro's and cheques). DIA Europe has a unique solution, based on image analysis, to do automatic detection for combating Cheque and Giro Fraud attempts. With a high hit rate, and a very low error rate the software solution gives banking institutions and private persons a high certainty that their financial transactions will be processed correctly.

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Solutions and services

DIA Europe has several excellent software solutions related to image processing; Image-Based Fraud Management, ASV and more.

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About the company

The mission of DIA Europe BV is to provide cost-efficient, flexible solutions for image based document processing.

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DIA Europe started the support of Oxfam Novib to enable microfinance for supporting starting entrepreneurs within the third world countries.

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